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What is a Commission Rebate or a Cash Back Program when Buying a Home?

Commission Rebates or Cash Back Programs can be structured in various ways and
can apply in different situations. However, it is generally the concept of rewarding
a client for having done business with you or your company. The reward is provided
to the client in the form of a monetary “gift”, “cash back” or “rebate”.

A commission rebate or Cash Back Program basically involves a Brokerage sharing a portion of the commission they earn, for their services, with their buyer client.

In our case, we’ll put it all IN WRITING for you even before we start working to find your next home. And, you can rest assured that our Commission Cash Back/ Rebate* is backed by our Brokerage, not just an individual Sales Representative or Broker.

What’s YOUR Cash Back* Amount?

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To find out what the current Cash Back* will be for your specific case, please complete the Form below and we’ll get right back to you with an estimate. Please note that all Estimates are subject to change and will only be “Guaranteed” once we meet and we issue you our “Written Cash Back/Rebate* Guarantee”.

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Our Cash Back/ Commission Rebate Program* is available for Residential, Commercial and Investment properties.

How does the Commission Rebate / Cash Back* Work?

From what our clients say, it seems to work very well.

Properties that are listed on the MLS® System, or elsewhere, normally offer a “Selling Brokerage Commission” to the REALTOR®/Brokerage that is involved in negotiating a successful sale of the Listed property. Therefore, when we represent you, as a Buyer’s Representative in the purchase of a home, we earn the “Selling Brokerage Commission”.

When we receive this Selling Brokerage Commission, we provide a GENEROUS portion of this Commission Money to our Buyer Client as a gift for having used our services.

Generally, the amount of the Rebate or Cash Back depends on two factors: the price of the property purchased and the Selling Brokerage Commission rate being offered by the Listing Brokerage. These two factors determine the overall Amount of the Commission Money earned by our Brokerage when a property is purchased using our services through our Brokerage. The Higher the overall Amount of the Commission we earn, the higher the amount of the Rebate/Cash Back that we’ll provide to our buyer client.

It’s that simple. It’s like getting paid for something that you would be doing anyways. There’s no extra effort on your part. And, we’ll be providing (at a minimum) the exact same REALTOR® services to help you find and purchase the home you want.

Our Brokerage has been serving our clients in Hamilton and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We’re always striving to give our clients an advantage when using our services. Our Cash Back / Commission Rebate Program* is just one more “advantage” we offer so that our clients get, not only our Professional and Dedicated REALTOR® Service, but also something EXTRA that they may not readily find anywhere else.

It’s just our way of saying, “Thank you for your business.”

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Hire Us and Get Cash Back* when you Buy

Guaranteed in Writing by our Brokerage

You Don’t Need to Settle for an Inexperienced or Part-Time REALTOR® to
Get a substantial Commission Rebate!!

When you buy a home through Corona Realty Inc. and Andrew Ielasi (Broker of Record), our Cash Back (Rebate) Program* shares a substantial portion of the commission we earn with you – our home buying client. The best part is that you’ll still receive all the services you’d expect from any other brokerage.

With Andrew, you get a top producing REALTOR® that has worked Full-Time in real estate sales for over 25 years. Our brokerage’s Market Leading, Low Commission Rates and Cash Back Program* are just some of the many reasons to get us working on your side when selling or buying a home.

Remember, we’re a Full Service, MLS®, real estate brokerage. We’ve known for over 20 years now that there is a better way to provide real estate services. Our clients have been taking advantage of our Full Service, Experience, Local Market Knowledge and Innovative Real Estate services since 1995.

Cash Back / Commission Rebate Program* – Get Answers to FAQs Below.

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Is Corona Realty Inc. a licensed real estate brokerage?

Yes. And, as do most other licensed real estate brokerages in our area, we make full use of the MLS® System to help our buyer clients find homes that meet their specific needs. The MLS® System is the most powerful property marketing system in Canada. The Local MLS® System is a database containing all the homes and properties listed for sale in our geographic area and beyond.

When a property is placed in the Local MLS® System, the listing is then automatically placed on REALTOR.ca, the most visited For Sale, real estate website in Canada. Because the Listing is placed on the local MLS® System FIRST, it may take some time for the information to migrate to the REALTOR.ca website. So, if you are working with a REALTOR®, he/she will be able to provide the listing to you BEFORE it ever hits the REALTOR.ca website.

We’re members of the REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) and the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). All REALTORS® in our area are members of these exact same organizations.

When we help our clients buy or sell, we offer the same representation and services that can legally be offered by any other licensed real estate brokerage.

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Does a Commission Rebate mean less REALTOR® Service?

Absolutely Not! Andrew Ielasi (Broker of Record) has been a licensed REALTOR® for over 25 years. Corona Realty Inc., Brokerage has operated in Hamilton and surrounding areas for over 20 years. When you hire Corona Realty and Andrew you’re assured of getting an experienced Professional with the Qualifications, Experience and Local Market Knowledge required to provide exceptional, results-oriented REALTOR® Service.

The real estate industry has changed. Real Estate information is readily available and can easily be accessed through the internet. As a result, a REALTOR® today must be able to do more than simply provide the same information that a client can find him/herself. A REALTOR® must be able to add value to the process of buying or selling a home AND perform his job in an efficient and effective manner in order to provide outstanding service at an incredibly competitive level.

Over the years, Corona Realty has restructured the entire brokerage in order to be able to provide our clients with outstanding REALTOR® Service while eliminating unnecessary overhead costs. In so doing, we’re able to provide our clients extremely competitive commission rates when selling their homes as well as very Generous Commission Rebates when they are buying a home using our services.

But don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say in our TESTIMONIALS page. We’re proud to let our clients tell the story of our dedication and commitment to providing knowledgeable advice and an innovative, value added approach to the service we offer our clients.

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How can you offer a Commission Rebate – Why don’t all others offer it?

We don’t know if others offer it or not. But, the truth is that every brokerage or REALTOR® should be able to offer a Rebate if they’re able to reduce their operating costs.

Our brokerage has a completely different business model than many traditional brokerages. Many brokerages and REALTORS® are affiliated with large franchise organizations requiring them to pay costly Franchise Fees, monthly Desk Fees, high Commission Splits with their brokerage and other fees that may limit the flexibility they have when pricing their real estate services.

Our business model is designed to provide all the REALTOR® Services of a tradition brokerage while streamlining overhead costs. This let’s us offer Full Service along with an incredibly competitive commission rate to our sellers and a Cash Back – Commission Rebate to our buyer clients.

Give us a call today and we’ll discuss with you our services and give you an estimate as to the amount of Commission Rebate you can expect when you use our services to buy your next home.

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Is it Legal to give me Cash Back or a Commission Rebate?

Absolutely. Some people may not know that The Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA 2002) permits the rebating of commission money to anyone that is a party to the real estate transaction. REBBA 2002 is the Act that governs licensed real estate practitioners: Brokerages, Brokers and Sales Representatives. The Act also makes illegal any payments to third parties which are not part of the real estate transaction. In other words, rebating money to a buyer or seller is legal but making a referral payment to an individual for providing a lead or referral is illegal.

Will the Commission Rebate Have any Affect on the Negotiations?

No. It has no affect when we are negotiating the purchase of the home. There is no discussion of the Rebate during negotiations because neither the Seller nor the Seller’s Brokerage is affected by the Rebate. As far as they know, the Buyer’s Brokerage (our Brokerage) will be keeping the entire Commission earned. The Seller would have already factored in the entire commission payable for selling their home when negotiating. No one except the Buyer and our brokerage is required (by law) to know about the fact that we will be providing a Cash Back – Commission Rebate to our Buyers.

The Rebate amount only comes from the Commission money earned by the Buyer’s Brokerage. It’s from the Buyer’s Brokerage Commission (out of our share) that the Rebate is paid.

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How much of a Rebate can I expect and How do I Get Started?

As previously mentioned, the Commission Rebate or Cash Back amount depends on the amount of Commission our brokerage earns. The more we earn, the larger your Commission Rebate cheque will be.

Give us a call and we can quickly give you an estimate as to the amount of the Commission Rebate that you’re likely to receive. Then, when you’re ready, you can get in touch with us again and we can arrange to meet and Get Started.

If you’re interested in our Cash Back – Commission Rebate Program*, call today!! Based on your information, we’ll be able to quickly give you an estimate, over the phone, of your total Cash Back Amount. Call us today at (905)525-3311 or email us at info@coronarealty.ca


* Cash Back/Commission Rebate Offer valid only through Andrew Ielasi, Broker of Record of Corona Realty Inc., Brokerage. Certain conditions Apply. Commission rates or Rebates may vary from brokerage to brokerage.


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* Cash Back/Commission Rebate Offer valid only through Andrew Ielasi, Broker of Record of Corona Realty Inc., Brokerage. Certain conditions Apply. Commission rates or Rebates may vary from brokerage to brokerage.

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