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TESTIMONIALS from Very Satisfied Clients

Our Clients have known about our Great Service, Innovative Commission Strategies & Outstanding Results since 1995!!!




"Thank you for the great job you did helping me purchase my home.....

.....I was very pleased that we were able to purchase the home that I really wanted. You did a great job negotiating the price. .....I got $13,050 Cash Back (Rebate) from the commission amount that you earned. I'm going to use this extra money toward some renovations and decorating.

I also really appreciated the fact that you still provided all the services that other Realtors provide..... negotiated for me, you represented my best interests and offered advice, you arranged and were present for the home inspection and we re-visited the property a couple of times, after the deal was negotiated, before I closed on the home.

You did a great job, provided all the services I'd expect from any other brokerage or Realtor and I now have an extra $13,050 to do some minor changes on the home that I wouldn't have had if I didn't use your services.

I'll be recommending you to everyone I know that might need your real estate services."

- David D.


".....To be honest, we called you because we saw your ad promoting your "Huge" Cash Back/Rebate program. We basically knew what we wanted in a new home. And, since we'd already been shopping around for a while on our own, we thought we only needed a Realtor to help us a little through the process and with the paper work.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that you actually provided ALL the services that other Realtors provide and we still received a fantastic Cash Back/Rebate cheque. We received a cheque from Corona Realty Inc. for $7,044. That's a substantial amount just for something we were going to do anyway: use the services of a Realtor to help us buy a home.

No one else offered us this great deal!

Thanks again for the Cash Back, outstanding service and helpful advice. When we know anyone needing real estate services, we'll definitely recommend you and Corona Realty."

- David & Stacey R.


"We just wanted to thank you for your extra effort while helping us find and purchase our new home.

With very few good listings on the market, you had to work hard to find us a fabulous home and negotiate a terrific price. Your experience and professionalism was definitely an asset and worked to our advantage.

We're also very pleased with the fantastic Cash Back cheque you provided. You gave us excellent Realtor Service and a Rebate cheque for $6,875. That's a very nice house warming present!

We received knowledgeable advice, personalized service and a big Cash Back cheque. We're going to recommend you to everyone we know."

- Christina & Tamer


"Just a quick note to thank you for your help in selling our home and helping us buy our new one.

As you know, you were referred to us by our friends and we were very happy with your service. You were as good as they said you were. You sold our home within about a week. You gave us a very low commission rate and we saved thousands compared to several other real estate companies we considered.

When it came time to look for our new house, you also helped us find the perfect home and we received a Cash Back cheque .....

From what we saved in Selling Commission and the Cash Back we received, we're ahead at least $7,000 by having used your real estate services.

We'll definitely use you in the future if we decide to move again."

- Z. A. & D. A.


"Thanks for the work you did selling our home so quickly.

Compared to the other agents we checked with, you had the best commission rate and service package. We saved thousands by selling with you and still received professional service on Mls.

Further, you helped us find another home fast. And, you gave us a commission Cash Back of almost $4,600. This went a long way towards some minor renovations we decided to do.

Thanks again. We've already told several friends about you and your service."

- T. A. & C. K.


"I'm writing to take a minute to thank you for the great job you did in helping me find the property for my new business location.

We had to search for a while, but I think we found the perfect property and location where I hope to operate my business for years to come.

I also very much appreciated the substantial Cash Back I received.

There are always unforeseen expenses when you make a move and the Cash Back you provided will definitely help to offset some of those extra costs.

Thanks again. And, of course, I'll be referring you to all my clients, friends and family."

- Tony I.


"I just wanted to write and thank you for helping us find the perfect home we've been searching for.

We're finally settled in and I wanted to let you know that you did a great job finding our home and negotiating a great price for us!!.

Not only did you help us find exactly what we wanted in a new home, but you gave us a Huge Cash Back from the commission you earned. That money will come in handy to help us with some minor repairs and renovations around the house.

We think you've got a great business concept. You provided all the services of other real estate companies AND you gave us Cash Back just for using your real estate services. I'm sure all your clients welcome this Cash Back as much as we do.

We're already telling our friends and relatives about your great real estate services and the fantastic Cash Back bonus."

- Jose A.


"We just wanted to take some time out of our unpacking and organizing to thank you for all the help in selling our home and buying this home.

Thank you also for the monetary gift. We appreciated that very much since there are so many expenses involved in moving.

We will certainly recommend you to family & friends."

- Tom & Susanne


"Thanks for the great work selling our home so quickly. We listed with you and Corona Realty and within about one week we received an offer which we accepted. We got a great price for our home. You charged us a commission rate that we could not find with any other real estate company......"

- Philip & Samantha S.


".......... I listed with you and your real estate company, Corona Realty, because of the low commission rates. Now, I'm very glad that I did .............. I got all the services of the large, high commission real estate companies without the high commission rate........"

- Michael L.


"......Your service was very professional. My home was advertised in magazines, it was placed on the Mls and on the internet on and on your own website. I had a lot of showings from other agents and it sold quickly. Other agents wanted to charge me as much as 5% commission. So, I listed with your company, Corona Realty......"

- Gary S.


"......You gave us dedicated and personalized service and charged a lower commission rate than any other company we interviewed. Our home was listed on the MLS, it was advertised extensively on real estate magazines and the internet......"We got great results and sold our home for very close to asking price."

- Donald H.


"......I listed my house with your brokerage on Monday and on Wednesday, in just 2 days, I accepted an offer. I got very close to asking price. Your service was great...... You were very professional, you listed the house on MLS as advertised, it went on the internet on and it was sold. Now, I'm sold on your service and your commission. I'm telling anyone I know that's thinking of selling about you and your real estate company."

- Kristian N.


"I'm writing to thank you for your help in selling our home and providing us with an incredible commission rate. I'm glad you were able to sell our home quickly and at a great price. ......other agents we talked to insisted that if we did not pay top commission fees that we would not be able to sell our home. Well,......we paid a much lower commission......and we SOLD our home quickly!! Thanks for the Savings. I'll definitely be telling my friends about your service."

- John P.


"......In less than 2 weeks after listing with you......I accepted an offer and got it sold......I'm especially pleased about the super commission rate that you provided...... Before I listed.....I used a private sale company. I had it listed with them for over 6 months. I paid them up front but I got very little in return. During all that time I did not get one offer. I think you've got a winning combination. All the service, experience and marketing resources of a regular real estate brokerage plus a fantastic commission rate."

- Susan E.


"......we previously had our house listed for several months with another national franchise brokerage......Although they were charging us a commission fee of 5%, they were unable to sell our property.
Next, we tried to sell privately with one of those do it yourself Private for Sale companies. They took our money upfront, but we received no service, no open houses, no advice and, most importantly, NO OFFERS. Once they take your money, you're on your own. All they provide is a for sale sign.
When we first spoke to you we were a little skeptical about your brokerage......However, our concerns were soon eliminated. Our home was listed on the MLS, placed on the internet on, advertised in various magazines......within the first couple of weeks.
Within four weeks of listing with your brokerage we accepted an offer and Sold our home......compared to the other traditional commission brokerage we were using, we Saved $12,000. We were able to sell our house very close to the asking price which was also a pleasant surprise."

- L. & L. D.


" just 5 days I accepted an offer for very close to my listing price. Your service was fantastic! You listed the home on MLS and on the internet on My home got excellent marketing exposure and that's what got it sold so fast. ......I'm sure that anyone who knows about your service and commission rates won't list with anyone else. It's a very good idea for today's tough economic times......It makes a lot of sense to me. I'm sure your other clients love it too."

- Grahame M.


"......A short time ago we had our home listed with one of the largest real estate companies...... We were paying a much higher commission rate of 5%. After more than 3 months our home did not sell. We listed the property with you......for the same price we had it listed before and in just 5 days you got us a great price......Your service was great. You did everything the other real estate agent did and charged us a lower commission. ......Not only did we save a lot of money, but we sold it very fast."

- Salvatore & Anna P.


"Thank you for all your hard work in getting our home sold in such a short time and for a great price. In less than 2 weeks you got us an offer and we sold our home.
We can't believe that some people are still paying 5% commission or more to sell their home with other real estate companies......
We're not sure if it's because you are the broker of record and president of your own brokerage that you can offer such great rates. All we know is that you provided the same Mls services the other sales representatives from other companies said they would provide. The only difference was that we paid a ridiculously low commission rate. We were not able to get his rate from any other sales representative or broker that we spoke to.......
......In total, we saved $11,300 by using your real estate services......"

- Gail H.


"Thanks for doing such a great job selling our home. You sold it quickly and for very close to our asking price. ......Other agents wanted to charge us a lot more for the same service...... You have great service and very low commission fees. We are going to recommend you to everyone we know."

- Gerald & Marion F.


"......thank you for the great job you did in selling my home...... The reason I called your brokerage to list my home was because I saw many of your ads......Other agents wanted 5% commission. They told me that if I did not pay this higher commission rate that I would not be able to sell my home.
You sold my home and I got very close to my asking price. You......still provided Mls service, advertising in magazines and on the internet......I got a lot of showings by other realtors. In fact, it was another realtor that brought us the offer that I accepted.
I saved using your real estate services instead of paying a 5% commission rate.
That means I'll have......less mortgage to pay on my next home. And, over the years, I'll save a lot more in mortgage interest payments and be able to pay off my mortgage much sooner.
I'll be telling all my friends and family about your excellent service and huge commission savings."

- Anne M.


"......We sold other homes before and used the services of other real estate agents and companies. We've always had to pay a much higher commission rate and we've never received service as good as what you provided. Before listing our current home, we compared your service and commission rates with those of other real estate companies and no one came close to being as good as what you offered.
Our only slight concern was that......we thought we might not get the service we needed to sell our home for the price we wanted. Once we listed with you, we quickly realized that this was not the case. We got Great Service. Our house was listed on the mls and on, it was advertised often in different magazines......and we got a lot of potential purchasers and their agents to come through our home.
You got us our Full Asking Price......In total, we saved more than $9,100. We even got more for our home than our neighbour's home which is very similar and was sold not too long ago.
...We will be telling all our friends about your service and recommending you to everyone we know."

- I. & N. N.


"Thanks for selling our home so fast. In less than a week your marketing efforts generated many showings of our home by a number of different realtors...... We received an offer in just a few days and sold our home within a week! ......The lower commission did not mean less service. Thank you for your personal and professional service, it was a pleasure working with you. We definitely will recommend you to others."

- Dan & Kathy B.


"Thank you for selling our home so quickly. It took less than 3 weeks for you to get us an offer which was very close to our listing price. Compared to other realtors that we contacted, you had the lowest commission rate while still providing mls service......Your service was very professional and you did everything that you promised. Your team also helped us purchase another home in record time...... We will make sure to recommend your services to all our friends."

- Dale & Joyce M.


"......In less than 2 weeks, you were able to get us an offer which was very close to our asking price. Your service was excellent......You also provided all the services that the other Realtors said they would provide...... You and your team also helped us find our new home. It's just what we were searching for. The whole experience of selling and buying has worked out perfectly. You were very professional and provided straight forward answers and solutions to all our concerns. We'll definitely use your services again the next time we move".

- A. M. & S. R.


"Thank you for the excellent job you did recently with the sale of our home. We were very impressed with the fact that you were able to provide a high level of service and still charge us a very low commission rate that we were unable to get with any other real estate company.
Previously, we were listed with one of the largest real estate brokerages......Even though this brokerage was charging us 5% commission to sell our home, they were unable to sell it.
We listed with your brokerage......we didn't expect that we would get better service than the company that was charging us 5% to sell our home.
Our home was listed on the Mls, it was placed on the internet on and your website, it was advertised many times in different real estate papers and magazines and we got more showings than when we were listed with the other brokerage that was charging us 5% commission......
Our home sold for close to list price and we saved......
We are impressed with your professional and friendly service. And further, we are very pleased with the huge savings in commission fees that you were able to provide us."

- B. & R. R.


"......Within a week or two of listing our home, we received our first offer which we did not accept. Then, about two weeks later, we got another offer which we accepted and within another few days, it was sold firm. It was very close to the listing price, too.
......we considered listing with your larger competitors in the area......However, your company was the only one we saw that advertised your commission rates. We thought that made sense. Every other business seems to advertise their prices for products and services. However, real estate companies don't seem to advertise their commission fees very often......
Your service included everything that the other brokerages said they would do. Our home was listed on the MLS, it was advertised in magazines and newspapers, it was on the internet on and on your own website......we had many showings from other agents from other real estate companies.
As seniors we have a limited budget and need to spend our money wisely. We often shop and make our decisions based on value. Not just the best price, but also the best service or product for the price. We're pretty confident that we got the best value by listing with you and your real estate company.
......You did more than you promised and we received far better results than we had hoped for. We'll be telling all our friends about your great service and low commission rates."

- Terrence & Monique C.



Get Professional, FULL-Time REALTOR® Service AND a Great Commission Rate when Selling!!

Why Pay More when Selling??

We provide our clients with Full Service, MLS® Exposure and a Great commission rate. With over 20 years of experience at providing our minimum commission rates, we're confident that our overall service package is, by far, one of the best in the real estate industry.

     We don't just offer great commission rates without the experience or resources to do the job right.  We've been offering Full Service and our Minimum Commission since 1995.  We were one of the first in Hamilton and surrounding area to offer and advertise our great commission rates.  We have the knowledge, experience and resources to sell your home for a super commission rate and still provide all the services you deserve and expect.

     We are proud of the fact that we helped start the commission rate revolution in our area.  Our goal is to continue to find innovative ways to provide value added service to our clients in an effective and cost efficient manner.

With all this, and our fantastic COMMISSION RATE, why would you consider paying more?

List and Sell the SMART way!

Call Corona Relty at (905)525-3311     Just call our office at (905)525-3311 or email and request that we visit you at your home to answer any questions that you may have and to discuss all the details.

At this meeting, we'll do a complete inspection and review of your home and discuss how we will service your needs in order that we can sell your home within a satisfactory time frame and with as few disruptions as possible.  We'll have a Comparative Market Analysis prepared in order that we can have a pricing discussion with you and arrive at the appropriate listing price.

     At that time we'll be equipped to digitally photograph the property and record all the pertinent information.  If we both agree, then we will complete all the required documents to list your property on the MLS® system.  The listing will then be quickly processed and input into the MLS® database and we can begin our comprehensive marketing process.

Don't Take Our Word For It, See our Client TESTIMONIALS above!!!!!

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